DIY Birthday High Chair Decor

Hello, it’s Brooke here again. The big day is drawing near! M’s first birthday is just a little over a week away! As you may know from my previous post about DIY Birthday Hats, I am throwing M a HUGE party with a “One” Upon a Time theme. It is all princesses and fairytales. I am hand making all of the decor. It was a HUGE undertaking, but it has been so much fun! One of my favorite projects that I did for the party was M’s High Chair Decor.
I took the same basic principle of how to make your own new sew tutu, I just made it big enough to fit around the high chair rather than a waist. Then, I added some fun embellishments to make it match the party decor.


  • Tulle – 10-30 yards, depending on how long and full you want it to be. 
  • Scissors
  • Tape Measure (optional, you can also just eyeball it like I did)
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Embellishments (optional)


1. First, I measured the length around the high chair tray. Then I added about 2 feet the leave room to tie it to the chair. Then I tied knots where her measurements ended so that I would have a guide for where I needed to add tulle. I then cut one piece of tulle that length. This is the piece of tulle that all of the other tulle will be tied on to.
2. Next I held the tulle next to the high chair to decide the length of the tutu. Then, I doubled that length to get the length of the pieces of tulle.
3. My next step was to cut all of the tulle. The tulle that I bought was already 6 inches wide (which was the width that I wanted), so I only needed to cut the length. I used the piece that I measured against the high chair as a guide to cut the rest. I used about 30 pieces of each color, which was about 10 yards of each color.
4. Next I tied the base piece of tulle to a chair to make it easier to tie on the tulle. This is optional. It can be done in your lap on on a table, it is just a little bit harder.
5. Then, I folded each piece of tulle in half and made it into a loop in front of the base piece of tulle.
6. I then crossed the tulle and pulled it through the loop, over the base piece of tulle. I then pulled the knot tight.
7. I repeated steps 5-7 until I had filled the entire section between the knots that I made on the base piece of tulle.
8. I then added ribbon accents throughout the tutu, a piece of painted wood in the shape of a crown to the front and a sticker by Karen Foster Designs that said “Princess”onto the high chair tray itself. 
9. To keep the tutu on the high chair, I tied it through the slats on the sides. Then I pulled a few pieces of tulle from each section and taped them to the top of the tray (but under the removable part of the tray). I then added the removable section of the tray to the top to cover up where I had attached the tutu. 
And that is it! Now little M will have a princess throne to sit on while she tastes her cake for the first time!

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