"Handle with Care" – Washing and Care Tips

One of my biggest pet peeves is buying clothing that I am really excited about, throwing it in the wash before using it…. and then never getting to wear it (or have baby wear it) because it is ruined from washing it improperly. We know that it is important to wash items before use and that your items will need to be washed after they are used, especially if a child is wearing it. We also know that clothing can be ruined from washing if not washed properly, especially designer clothing or clothing that is intended as a photo prop item. We include tags with all of our items with proper washing instructions included. But, it is nice to know how an item will need to be cared for BEFORE buying it. Another pet peeve is buying a new outfit and then getting home and realizing that it is dry clean only! So, just in case any of you are like me, we have written up some basic washing instructions for our most popular items. This way, you will know before you buy or wash. 
  • The majority of our items are hand wash and then lay flat to dry. 
  • For our ties, we do not suggest that you wash them. We have had some buyers try and machine wash them and they come untied and they are very tricky to get back together. So for our ties, the best way is to spot clean them. A good tip is to remove your little guy’s tie while eating. 
  • Our sachet ruffle dresses run really snug, so we recommend you wash them in cold water and line dry. 
  • For pettiskirts we suggest that you hand wash them (but I have run mine through the wash and they seem to be fine). 
  • Hats can be washed in cold water and lay flat to dry.
Like we stated above, most of our items are hand wash and then lay flat to dry. If you have a question about a particular item that is not listed here, please email us

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