"If the Shoe Fits" – Sizing Answers

We receive questions weekly about sizing of our items. We know that you want to be sure that you will have the right fit before placing an order. So, we have put together a list of sizing information for many of our items. Most of our items are true to size, meaning that they will fit most children that are the age listed. But, some of our items have quirks or things that you might not know. We’ve also included size charts for our most popular items.

Sizing for our hats is true to size except for the size 2-4. This size seems to run large and can fit from 2-6 years.

Size Chart for Hats:
0-3M : 17 X 13CM
3-6M : 18.5 X 14 CM 
6-12M : 20.5 X 15CM
12-24M: 22.5 X 16CM
2-4T: 23 X 17CM
4-6T : 24 X 18CM

Maroon Lace Dress (coming soon to our site)
These run pretty small. I would say to buy a size up.

Sashay Soft Colored Ruffle Dress
These are very fitted. It wouldn’t hurt to buy a size up.

6M-2T, the length is 25cm,
2T-4T, the length is 28cm.
5T-8T, the length is 36cm,
Daddy, the length is 150cm,

0-6 months = 10.6cm
12-18 months = 13.3 cm
6-12 months = 11.6 cm

Damask Slippers
These run very big

The rest of our items run pretty true to size. If there is an item not listed here that you have a question about, please don’t hesitate to ask us here as a comment, on facebook, or send us an email.


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