Oh Canada!

We love Canadians here at Taylor Joelle Designs! Did you know that our founder, Jenny, is from Canada? Also, did you know that we ship to Canada for the same price as orders in the United States? We offer free shipping on all order over $35.00 to the U.S. & Canada. On orders under $35.00, we offer $5.00 flat rate shipping. 
We process our orders in 1-2 business days, so that you can receive your item promptly. Most orders shipped in the United States are received with 4 days of when your order is placed. Because we love our Canadian customers so much, we are happy to ship to Canada for the same low price as shipping within the United States. Shipping to Canada can take a little bit longer. Most orders shipped to Canada are received within 2 weeks. But, during busy shipping seasons we have seen orders to Canada take 3-4 weeks, USPS says that they can take up to 45 days. So, if you are a Canadian customer, be sure to place your order with plenty of time for shipping. 
In order to keep our Canadian shipping prices the same, we aren’t giving a real time tracking number. We are just given one that confirms it has been shipped. We don’t have a way to track the item once it leaves the United States. For international orders needing to be shipped outside of the United States and Canada, please contact us for an accurate shipping quote.

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