Our First Wordless Wednesday Post – Jan 4th

What is Wordless Wednesday? Wordless Wednesday is pretty well known in the blogging world. Each Wednesday (or often on Tuesday nights to prepare for Wednesday) many bloggers will put up one of their favorite photos. That is it, no words in the blog post. Just a photo. Since many Taylor Joelle items are used in beautiful photography, we thought we would join in on the fun! Now enough with the words and on to this week’s photo. This is supposed to be a wordless post. We will try for less words next week. πŸ™‚

Check out these other fun Wordless Wednesday posts and feel free to post your own FAMILY FRIENDLY Wordless Wednesday post too!


11 thoughts on “Our First Wordless Wednesday Post – Jan 4th

  1. alicia

    She is too cute for words! Love the skirt and those cute lace leggings. Does that come in my size? lol. I do wordless, but often wordful or not so wordless. πŸ™‚ you'll notice it's like that most places too. Welcome!


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