Primary Children’s Donation

Our 5 year old son, Cooper, has a heart condition and has spent some time at Primary Children’s Hospital. This hospital is wonderful! One thing that I love about it is every time he goes, they give him a little gift (blanket, stuffed animal, wooden train, etc..). We would love to give back to Primary Children’s by donating some hats. We are pleased to announce that this month we are sending them over 200 hats. Hopefully this can help make some of the children’s hospital experience a little brighter.

2 thoughts on “Primary Children’s Donation

  1. M_Squared

    I love that you donated the hats to your children's hospital. Heart babies have a special place in my heart, as my son also has a heart condition. While he was in the hopital, my son received several handmade blankets and they are treasured. I know the children and their parents will be so grateful. I thrilled to buy products from small businesses that give back to little ones.Thank you!(removed previous post due to typo)


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